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Our Services

Certified, experienced & ready for any project

From fabrication, chemical cleaning, mechanical or hydraulic services; we’re here for you. Our diverse team of chemists, engineers, technologists and tradespeople deliver high client satisfaction and quality workmanship on every project. With our wide assortment of equipment, machinery and hardware, we’re prepared for any project that comes our way and ready to tackle any challenge that may arise.

Mechanical & Hydraulic Services

Fabrication, installation, repair or maintenance of new or existing systems for use in marine, industrial or offshore is just the surface of what we can provide. With a wide range of testing equipment coupled with experience in the marine industry and offshore settings, our team is ready to work alongside you through any mechanical or hydraulic problem.


From non-ferrous to ferrous materials, structural to architectural, we provide a large variety of fabrication solutions to meet your needs.

With experience in mechanical, marine or industrial settings, our fabrication team is capable of providing quality, certified workmanship. We have a large array of tools and equipment to create, manipulate, or repair any new or existing project.


We provide the solutions, expertise, and equipment to clean systems in any industry.

Servicing pulp and paper mills, refineries, offshore platforms, chemical plants, marine vessels and generating stations, our team of well-trained and experienced personnel can execute any cleaning project. We have an inventory of mobile equipment and chemistries to remove scale, debris and organic material from your process system. With a large variety of technical backgrounds and mobile equipment, we can ensure all cleaning needs are met.


From small hydraulic hoses to large volume fuel systems on marine vessels, our flushing equipment can be customized for any flushing project.

Our team offers experienced oil flushing to extend the quality and life of equipment which minimizes wear, and maintenance costs. With a large array of filters, pumps and particle counters, we can tackle any piping or tubing system to meet industry flushing standards.